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Dehan Oud Cambodi Qadeem

Surrati’s Dehan Oud Cambodi Qadeem is one of South Asia's finest Oud. The oldest and the wildest Agarwood harvested from the Jungle. It is a complex and primitive species of Agarwood. When applied it has a calming and mystical aroma. Arabian Oud London by Maha Musk London has so many benefits when you use it, you get this fantastic light sweet Animalic just the correct amount, nonetheless a light smell that is wonderful and sweet smokey honey scent. It's being used to treat a variety of ailments, including fever, grip, depression, stress, cancer, and more. Maha Musk London offers Arabic perfume for men and Arabic perfume for women.

A wonderful home scent that can be used for special occasions, romantic moments, or greeting guests.

Long-lasting and excellent in every sense, natural incense manufactured from (Agarwood Chips)

● Brand: Surrati

● Fragrance Type: Concentrated Oil

● Size:6ml

● Targeted Group: Unisex

● Fragrance Type: Woody

Dehan Al Oud Al Malaki

Dehan Al Oud Al Malaki is a traditional Oud Oil made from aged Agarwood. This fragrance's Oud is sourced from the Burmese region. Dehan Al Oud Al Malaki warm woody scents, with their heady smell, are nurtured over time. Similarly, the initial aromas take root gradually, resulting in a scent that you will fall in love with. The distinct tones of Dehan Al Oud Al Malaki will become an expression of your individuality once experienced. Now it's available at Maha Musk London, The Arabian Perfume Shop London.

Moattar Oud Maliki

A royal and lavish fragrance that catches the spirit of Arabia in its classic and contemporary exclusivity. It represents a sense of royalty and modernity, as evidenced by the woody elements dominated by oriental Oud and spicy notes, which completely explain the regal fragrance of Oud Maliki. The main notes are Oud, woody and spicy.